JFS here we come!

We have just completed the publicity forms for the 2017 January Furniture Show and it brought a real frisson of excitement! We now have our stand number and everything else. 

Our planning for what is the best furniture show in the UK is already well under way, as we short-list the Collections that we will be taking with us. We are also working on some surprises for JFS, not the least of which will be our brand new range which is still under wraps. 

Exhibiting at the JFS is always a great deal more than just proudly showing off our products. Of course, we get to meet customers old and new. It is also the best place to see what is happening in the market, what is new as well as who is new. At the most recent show, what was noticeable to us was the increasing influence of our competitors from the continent. We really hope that in 2017 they will not have been scared away by Brexit - the industry needs their very different and fresh approach to the furniture market. 

In the meantime - back to our planning! Over the next few weeks on our website, on social media and via our Newsletters we will be publicising more of what we will be doing at JFS (although some things will definitely have to remain a secret until the 22nd January!).

Watch this space...

In The Vanguard

Many of you will already be aware of our Show Van, as it tours the country giving our customers the real chance and opportunity to have a good and proper look at our products on their own. 

To further improve efficiency and delivery we are now further investing in our transport fleet as we are about to take delivery of two of our very own brand new delivery vans. 

They are just about to undergo work at the sign-writers. Can't wait to see what they look like with our new logo as part of the artwork on the vehicles. As soon as the paintwork on the new vans has been completed we will post the images of our proud new purchases! 

The Industrial Revolution

Earlier this week we held a photo shoot for our Industrial range. It was great working alongside The Painted Furniture Company from Cirencester - always inspirational and straight from showing their wares at Grand Designs in London.

What was genuinely exciting us was how colour was able to really enhance our product. 

The Industrial Collection has always worked for us. The Industrial Collection is representative of a turning point in history, an era of expansion by authentically reproducing the rustic style of furniture used in factories at the time - sold, handmade and using recycled FSC wood. The metal accessories just add to the old world charm. 

But what made all the difference on this occasion was the colours that we used. We are currently waiting for the end results from the photography team. 

Can't wait to show the world what our in-house paint shop can do for this already successful and highly popular product!